London Marathon 2015!

I’m sure you’ll have all been waiting with bated breath for any updates regarding the dodgy ankle. I’d say it’s mixed news with 5 days to go before the Budapest marathon.

There has been zero running all week, with just a solitary swim and bike session completed – the ankle just isn’t playing ball at the moment.

On Saturday morning it still wasn’t feeling great, so I had to abandon the normal Saturday parkrun session, and instead I volunteered for the morning and marshalled out on the course. I do really enjoy helping out and doing my bit (parkrun is a completely free event so without volunteers it just wouldn’t happen), and always make sure to give people a hearty cheer as they come by.

Katie was running in the Cardiff half-marathon on Sunday morning, so I headed across to offer my support and coaching expertise (yeah right). I’d planned on running around a bit so I could get to multiple points en route to look out for her and offer some kind words of encouragement (slash abuse). The ankle finally had some better movement in it so I decided to test it out. I felt bad about having zero miles under my belt during the week, so was determined to test the legs to see if next Saturday was a realistic hope.

Katie had a superb run, finishing with 1.51 which took a considerable slice off her old PB. I managed to see her 6 or 7 times out on the course which was great, and I think she appreciated it all, apart from in the final mile when I was told in no uncertain terms ‘Joe, just go away’. To be fair to her, she was working extremely hard by this point, and I think if it was me racing I would have found anyone running alongside me trying to talk highly annoying! We laughed a lot about it afterwards, so it was all good really.

In another positive bit of news, I managed to run 11 miles on the day, and the ankle has come out of it feeling not too bad at all, if just a little sore. I think I’ll be running on Saturday regardless, but I’m concerned by the fact that my ankles not going to be 100%, and this has meant pretty much zero training in the 2 week build up to the event. I’m sure this is going to have an effect on my final time but this may not matter too much because…

I’ve bagged a charity slot for the London Marathon in the 2015. Obviously it’s a race that pretty much everyone has heard of and one I’ve always wanted to be a part of. I always thought that it made no sense running marathons but not running my home race, which just happens to be one of the biggest marathons in the world. I’ll definitely look to work really hard towards this and maybe go under that 3.15 mark for the first time.

Just the small matter of raising £2000 for charity now..

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