Brockwell parkrun – 6/12/2014

After pushing really hard in Cardiff last weekend, the plan this week was to go at around 80% effort and have an enjoyable Saturday morning run. The forecast was indicating that the mercury was going to plummet and they weren’t wrong, it was absolutely freezing. On the short jog over I lost all feeling in my hands and they had swollen to the size of sausages.

The cold has obviously put a fair few people off as numbers were definitely lower than usual. I ended up starting on the front row (not too sure how that happened) and set off running slightly within myself (but still working pretty hard). I soon settled into a manageable pace and did my own thing, letting guys go away from me if I thought that pace was too quick.

I spent the entire first 3K following some chap in a white t-shirt which helped as I tucked in behind him (cheeky) so I could just ‘draft’ off the back of him. Up the final hill at the back of the park I edged past him and powered on up the hill. I had a quick look at my watch at 4K – mistake. Unbelievably, I was running around the pace that could get me a best time at Brockwell. I definitely wasn’t running flat out so this was a pretty welcome surprise.

Armed with this knowledge, I thought it would be foolish to not go for it from here – it was only another kilometre to go, how much can that hurt? As I found out, an awful lot, and I was running completely alone with no one to aim for in front of me. I buried myself over the last 500m but missed a PB by 2 seconds. Ouch.

Finishing time was 18.45, placing me 11th out of 203 finishers. Overall, this was a pretty decent result for me considering I didn’t feel like I was going flat out early on in the race.

Next week is the big one, as we’ll be running the Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ve been focussing the last couple of months training on this and would absolutely love to go under 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the work christmas party on Thursday may prove to be a speed bump in preparations…

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