2014 training summary

I may as well call this a ‘running summary’ rather than a training summary, as it’s been a very run based year. Despite setting out with good intentions to do a couple of triathlons this year, it’s basically been running races all the way through. However, that’s not to say it’s not been a successful year, with my running coming along leaps and bounds, with a number of key milestones reached.

Jan Miles – 150

Feb Miles – 151

March Miles – 177

The early part of the year was fully focussed on my build up to the Paris Marathon on April 6th. I laid down some hard winter training in preparation for this which I believe paid off, as I ran 3.29.21 in my second marathon (the first being in 2008) for a personal best of over an hour! Unfortunately, I hadn’t started posting on here at that time so there is no report for this race, but me and the family had a lovely weekend in Paris, and this is probably the most enjoyable race I’ve done so far – thoroughly recommended for anyone for looking for a marathon and a holiday at the same time!

April Miles – 79

May Miles – 66

June Miles – 79

Immediately after Paris I discovered Park Run, which without wanting to over-dramatise it, has pretty much changed my life. Since the 19th of April I’ve done 27 5-kilometre runs on a Saturday morning – I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted! I’ve seen my times go down from 20 minutes to a personal best in Cardiff of 18.33 – and hopefully I will see some further improvement over the coming years.

Over this period I also became a member of a running club – Serpentine RC. I now have a shiny club vest to run in and instead of going to some races along I can go along with my fellow club mates. With Serpentine being the biggest running club in England you’re always guaranteed to see a friendly face! Training sessions take place all over London but the club is based in Hyde Park, which is convenient as my work takes me all over the city.

July Miles – 166

August Miles – 176

September Miles – 118

Summer saw me training towards the ambitious target of running 2 marathons in a month. The first was to be at Challenge Weymouth, where I was running the marathon as part of an Ironman relay team. Unfortunately, the run course hadn’t been accurately measured and therefore I was unable to count this as a marathon personal best, which was a real shame as I was running well and looking good for a fast time.

After Weymouth there was no time for a breather as the Budapest Marathon was just around the corner. Stupidly, I injured my ankle playing football in the build up, however it was the heat that got to me more than anything as despite setting off quickly I blew up near the end and failed to run a personal best. It was another great European marathon though, and one I would throughly recommend.

I also took part in the triathlon National club relays at Nottingham water sports centre – something which was great fun to be part of with my running club and an event I’d love to go back to. I’ll be back   there in May 2015 – more on this at the end of the post.

October Miles – 62

November Miles – 155

December Miles – 118

I decided that the last few months of the year should be focussed on trying to run some personal bests over the shorter distances so I put in the hard yards over November as you can see from the spike in mileage above!

All this hard work paid off as I ran my first sub 1.30 half marathon in Milton Keynes followed swiftly by my first sub 40 minute 10K at Greenwich Park the following weekend.

I also got involved in some cross country for the first time with my new running club, and competed in both the London Championships and the North London Championships which were both a great learning experience and extremely tough races!

Total mileage for the year ended up at 1,502 miles! I don’t have anything to measure this against as I’ve only just starting using a GPS watch this year, but I can safely say this must be at least double on what I’ve done in any of my previous years.

My races this year were as follows;

02 March: Reading Half Marathon (1:33:22)

06 April: Paris Marathon (3:29:21)

27 April: Clapham Common 10k (41:42)

22 June: City of London Mile (5:33)

3 August: Richmond Park Half Marathon (1:33:06)

4 September: Beckenham Assembly League – 3 miles (18:10)

14 September: Challenge Weymouth (Marathon Run) (3:04:05)

12 October: Budapest Marathon (3:37:02)

15 November: London Cross Country Championships

22 November: North London Cross Country Championships

14 December: Milton Keynes Half Marathon (1:26:58)

21 December: Greenwich Park 10k (39:33)

I’ve also completed in 27 5-kilometre park runs, but I’m not sure whether we’ll count all of those as races or not.

So that’s last year summed up, but what does the new year hold? I’m planning to kick start the year in the best possible fashion – with a triathlon on New Year’s Day. After that, it’s back into marathon training with the plan at the moment to run both Brighton and London marathons in a 2-week period. May will see a return to the water sports centre in Nottingham for the Outlaw half-ironman triathlon. At the moment there’s no plans for afterwards, but hopefully there’ll be another half-ironman in the late summer period.

I’m sure it’ll all be documented on here so you all (Mum and Katie) have something to look forward to!

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