Brockwell parkrun – 28/02/2015

Another hard week of training straight off the back of a quick half-marathon caught up with me this weekend. The legs felt really fatigued on Friday after a few solid sessions, so I was apprehensive about going too hard at Brockwell parkrun this weekend.

I set out fairly quickly, but after a kilometre I found myself being beaten by a 14 year-old boy. Knowing I wouldn’t live that down quickly, I made my way past him and a few others during the second lap, finishing in 18.39 and 9th place. This wasn’t a max effort, but my legs/aerobic system certainly knew they’d been through a decent workout for a few hours afterwards!

After a few weeks of some great times/sessions, I came back down to earth with a bump on Sunday. It was the first 20 miler of my marathon campaign, and it felt laboured right from the off, even though the pace was slow and steady. I decided to crack on regardless, and completely blew to pieces after around 17 miles, limping through the final 3 miles with my tail firmly between my legs. One of the worst sessions I’ve had in the last 2 months, and I’ll have to buck my ideas up if I want to run quickly in London in 8 weeks time. Things can only get better, I hope!

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