Brockwell parkrun – 28/03/2015

It’s been a while since I last posted – I was made aware of this fact by my father, who was wondering what I’d been up to as I hadn’t been blogging. This means there are now at least 3, real human beings who read my ramblings – 3 more than I envisaged when I started writing.

So what have I been up to? Pretty much sleeping, eating and breathing marathon training. I’ve set the bar high this year and nothing but an awful lot of hard work and dedication will get me to where I want to be. I’m pleased to report that things are going pretty well. I’ve been getting down to the running track for some interval sessions (running ‘really’ fast for a short distance, before having a short recovery period and then running again) and getting in some 13+ mile long runs in the week before work.

The weekends have seen my longest runs of up to 22 miles (today actually), and now the work is pretty much done. I’ll make sure my legs are ticking over as we roll towards Brighton in 2 weeks and London in 4.

Of course, just because I haven’t been posting, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been parkrunning. I’ve been over at Brockwell, but I’ve been running the events as part of my longer weekend runs and as such, I haven’t been running that fast.

It was a similar situation this weekend, where I had 10 miles to run on the Saturday followed by 22 on the Sunday. I decided to do a 7 mile ‘warm-up’, arriving at the start a few minutes before the off, ready to go for 9am. The run passed without major event, as I made my way through the field at a steady pace, not wanting to trash my legs with the following days long run in mind.

For once, I stuck to the plan (see various older posts for great examples of me not executing a plan and getting carried away), and ran consistently to record a 19.01 for the 5km, good enough for 15th of the 274 finishers.

We’re on the home straight now, and I just need to make sure I get to the start-line injury free and feeling fresh and ready to go. I’ll make sure to let the 3 of you know, how it goes, don’t worry. (Not hard when one of you will be running with me and one will be there watching..)

2 thoughts on “Brockwell parkrun – 28/03/2015

  1. Oh dear! Assume the three are Me, your Dad and Katie!
    I think you have other secret followers!
    Great blog and I know you will run both marathons coming up brilliantly.
    Dave, Meg and I are incredibly proud. X


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