London Marathon – pre-race thoughts

It’s the day before the London Marathon and all the preparation has been done. I’m more excited than nervous and sleep has been hard to come by. I popped down to the ‘expo’ yesterday to pick up my race number whilst numerous sponsors showered me with free stuff. It’s all starting to get very real.

My preparation has been pretty good. I’ve had nearly 4 months of solid training all geared towards London. Since January 1st I’ve ran 780 miles, averaging a little over 50 miles a week. I also ran a marathon 2 weeks ago with Katie, which was great fun and something I really enjoyed. I’m not sure ‘enjoyable’ is going to be the word to describe tomorrows outing.

I’ve not been shy about my goal for – run faster than 3 hours and 5 minutes and secure a ‘Good for age’ time. For those of you that don’t know, running a good for age time would get me automatic entry into the next two London marathons without having to try and get in through the ballot (which is very difficult) or continue to raise thousands of pounds for charity each year (also difficult).

This time would represent a huge chunk off my current personal best (3 hours 29), so I know it’s going to be a massive ask and something I’m not sure I can achieve. But I’m going to give it absolutely everything to try. And if I don’t get it, well, there’s always another marathon. I do have the massive (quite literally) advantage of having James Bosher dragging me round tomorrow, as he’s also going for that elusive good for age qualifying time.

If you want to track my progress, there are a couple of ways to do so. You can either download the official London Marathon app on your iPhone and add me onto the list of your favourite runners. Another option is to go to the London Marathon website where live results will be accessible – just search either by my name or by my running number ‘47439’.

Hopefully see you out on the course.


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