Brixton 10k – 21/06/2015

‘Joe always really liked sport, but sport never really liked Joe’. A famous quote that my mum chose to inform everyone one year around Christmas time. To be fair, there’s an element of truth in it – as although I forced myself onto teams at both school and university (football, rugby, cricket, tennis, squash – … Continue reading Brixton 10k – 21/06/2015

Wales Velothon – 14/06/2015

I’ve never done a standalone bike race before; cycling has always been the bit you do before the run. However, at the turn of the year I’d made a decision that I needed to start concentrating on improving my bike fitness, and stumbled across the first holding of this event – the Wales Velothon. I … Continue reading Wales Velothon – 14/06/2015

Outlaw Half Ironman Triathlon – 31/05/2015

Most people who know me know of my desire to take part in an ironman triathlon. I’m getting closer to setting an official date for this – likely to be June 2016. So after a couple of years of doing some shorter distance triathlons, I decided this summer would be the time to make the … Continue reading Outlaw Half Ironman Triathlon – 31/05/2015