Brockwell parkrun 31/10/2015 – Another PB! and some pre-marathon thoughts

I’ve been building towards the Thames Meander marathon for the last 8 weeks or so, and we’re now just 6 days away. Training has gone fairly smoothly and I’ve been running faster than ever before over the shorter distances (although this doesn’t always convert to a fast marathon time, as I’ve found out in the past!)

I’ve been tapering for the last 2 weeks (cutting down the miles to make sure the legs are feeling fresh on race day), and with one week to go decided that I’d try and put in a really solid run at parkrun to boost the confidence levels. I’ve found recently that running a few miles before the event seems to work for me, so I had a good steady 3 mile warm up before arriving at the park.

I’ve got in to the habit of going out hard for the first mile and Saturday was no exception. However, I was rather concerned I’d slightly overcooked at as in the space of a few minutes at the end of the first lap I moved from 3rd to about 10th as runner after runner came past me.

I was struggling mentally at this point and had pretty much written off a fast time, which was pretty naive of me. At the bottom of the first hill on the second lap, Harry (one of the Brockwell regulars) came up alongside me and something suddenly clicked. I tucked in behind and followed up the hill and from here I decided I was just going to throw everything at it and just see what happened.

I ignored the watch and just ran as hard as I could for the final mile. I passed Harry and made up another couple of places up the final hill. I then got dragged into a race over the last 500m down the home straight which really helped me pick up the pace and pipped the guy to the line by a few seconds.

I’d certainly given it everything, and I was potentially more knackered than I ever have been after a 5k. The pain was all worth it though, as I walked away with a shiny new 9 second PB – 17.48. It doesn’t sound like much, but over the shorter distances every second counts!

I’m now sitting here on Sunday night with a beer tracking my good friend Michael Law running in the New York marathon (edit – he’s just finished in under 4 hours – a cracking performance on a tough course). Thinking about the build up to the Thames Meander, I’ve certainly not done as much training as I did in preparation for London.

I’ve only done about 8 full weeks of training (compared to about 14 before London), as most of August was taken up by having the holiday of a lifetime in America. However, looking back, I think I peaked too early during my training for London, so I’m hoping a shorter build may see me going into the race in a better state physically.

Saturday’s event will have some simalarities to London – James Bosher will (hopefully) be with me every step of the way, although he’s stepped it up in recent months so it may be a struggle just to hang on to his heels. I’m never shy about sharing my goals – I’ll be going all out for that London GFA (Good for Age) time of 3 hours and 5 minutes, which will get me automatic entry to the London marathon in 2017 and 2018. If that doesn’t happen I’d still be chuffed with a personal best (anything under 3 hours 13), but I’ll just have to see what cards I get dealt on the day.

3 thoughts on “Brockwell parkrun 31/10/2015 – Another PB! and some pre-marathon thoughts

  1. Thanks Katie. Although the weather not looking too good in Kingston on Saturday!

    Enjoyed the write up in the half – massive improvements in such a short time. Keep up the great running.


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