Tooting Common parkrun + more training

We’re now haring towards Zurich with just 10 weeks to go. 10 weeks until I’m going to have to cover 142 miles under my own steam. It’ll be a miracle if I even make it out of the swim in one piece. That’d be a bit of an anti-climax wouldn’t it?

I’m constantly knackered, which I’m taking as a good sign. That must mean I’m doing a fair amount of training, right? I’m trying to make sure I’m getting in some ‘quality’ sessions, and not just doing a load of ‘junk miles’.

On Saturday morning I decided to use parkrun to get in a bit of a speed session. Tooting Common parkrun is a relatively new one, so we thought we’d cycle the 4 or so miles there to check it out. This was the first time I’d been to Tooting Common, and was pleasantly surprised – it was lovely! Tooting’s never had the best rep, but having this large green space makes up for it somewhat.

The course is 3 triangular shaped laps, with a couple of tight turns to negotiate at each corner. I set out hard from the off, pretty much ignoring the watch. The first 2 sped off into the distance, with 3rd gradually easing away. That left a group of 3 of us, working together for the first lap and a half.

Into the second lap, and it seemed like 3rd was slowly coming back towards us. I mentioned this to the other two, and suggested we crack on and catch him. After hitting the front of our little group, I turned around 2 minutes later and realised I was suddenly alone, having dropped the other runners.

I spent the final lap slowly reeling in 3rd, catching him with about 800m to go. I really didn’t want to have to contest a sprint, especially as this guy was around a foot taller than me and my stumpy legs would have no chance in keeping up. So I went early, pushing the pace on, and to my surprise managed to drop him, increasing the pace all the way to the line.

3rd place and 17.57 was my reward, not a bad mornings work off the back of another solid week of training. I spent a couple of hours on my bike in the afternoon, spinning the legs out, and trying out the flash new tri bars I’ve installed on my handle bars.

Sunday was earmarked as another big day of training, and I was on the road early for a 3 and a half hour ride. I finally managed to navigate my own way to Box Hill, before heading back to sunny Southfields. 64 miles later, and the legs were feeling rather weary.

Box Hill

However, I needed to back the ride up with a 3 mile run, to start getting used to the jelly like feeling you get in the legs when immediately running after cycling. 20 minutes later, I crashed out on the sofa, treating myself to the worlds biggest sandwich.

Edinburgh marathon is the next event on the schedule in 2 weeks time. I’ll just be doing it as a ‘training run’, so check back in then to find out that I went out a ridiculous pace and blew up in spectacular fashion.

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