Wimbledon trail series race 2 – 07/06/2017

This one is going to be a quick one (I promise), as there's been far too much blogging been going on recently. Wednesday evening brought with it the 2nd race of 3 in the excellent Wimbledon trail series - a recap of the first one can be found here. After finishing in 5th position in … Continue reading Wimbledon trail series race 2 – 07/06/2017

Chester middle distance triathlon – 04/06/2017

I'm always dead excited for the start of the triathlon season. After a long winter/spring of putting in the hard yards during training, it's a chance to find out if flogging yourself senseless in a tiny room in your flat, pedalling for hours but moving nowhere, has resulted in being able to pedal harder whilst … Continue reading Chester middle distance triathlon – 04/06/2017