Kona day 2 – ‘How are we going to take all these free hats home?’

I was getting too cocky, too soon on yesterday’s blog. No jet lag? Yeah right. I was up at 4, absolutely starving. Thankfully, we’d bought a huge tub of porridge that I can now work my way through – result.

After watching the sun slowly rise over the sea from our balcony, I sauntered down to the pier to see what was going on. Dave Mcnamee (3rd in Kona last year), was saying hi to all the Brits so I shook his hand and told him to watch his back on Saturday.

All I’d need to do to match him would be to run a 2 hour 45 minute marathon in 30+ degree heat. After a 2.4 mile swim and 180 mile bike. Seems straightforward enough. Are mopeds allowed?

The guys from a podcast I listen to (IM talk), were doing an aquathlon race (swim and then run) in full wetsuits, which was utter madness. I had a good laugh watching them running rather uncomfortably down Ali’i drive, slowly cooking underneath the neoprene. Definitely rather them than me!

All the triathlon brands are super nice to you out here, especially if you already use their kit. Because I ride a Cervelo, they took my bike in for a free service to check everything was running properly. Rather miraculously, I’d assembled my bike correctly yesterday and it wasn’t about to fall to pieces.

I headed to the King Kam hotel to get registered for the big day. The lady checking me in, Anita, was an absolute legend, and if she was 40 years younger Katie would be packing her bags. I got given all my free swag and then went to bankrupt myself in the official merchandise tent.

We went to another famous Kona haunt, Lava Java, where I got chatting (read ‘backed into a corner’) to both Matt Hanson and Joe Skipper, 2 more professional athletes. The great thing about these guys is they’ll give you so much time to just chat about triathlon and the race; I’m not sure you’d get that in many other sports.

In the afternoon Katie and I hopped in the car and went for an explore along the coast, having a look at the Captain Cook monument and checking out some pretty stunning vistas. It was nice to be in the cool, air conditioned car as it was absolutely roasting outside. Race day should be fun!


When we got back I went for my first run since we’ve been here, just an easy 45 minutes down Ali’i drive. I’m not normally a fan of topless running, but everyone seems to do it here. If you can’t beat them and all that.

Within 7 minutes I was absolutely drenched. I got back, a dripping mess, with Katie asking if I’d been for a quick dip to cool off after my run. Nope; that’s just me sweating. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Race day should be fun!

We spent the rest of the evening chilling, and resting up for the main event tomorrow morning. If I were you I’d probably avoid social media for a day or so; it’s nearly time for the underpants run..

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