Ironman Estonia – 07/08/21

Tallinn, Estonia. It's much further north than you think it's going to be. Looking out to sea from the port area, you can't quite see Finland, but it's very close. Once part of the Soviet Union, it's now a thriving independent state. Anyway - that's the serious stuff done with; you only came for the … Continue reading Ironman Estonia – 07/08/21

Outlaw Half Holkham – 04/07/21

Wow - it's been a while. I'm sitting here trying to work out whether or not I've actually done anything in the last 6 months, since my 2020 annual summary. The short answer revolves around that nasty little word beginning with an 'i' - injury. In early January I was out on a fairly standard … Continue reading Outlaw Half Holkham – 04/07/21