A little about me

Many years ago now I decided to start up this blog to detail my running and triathlon exploits, mainly for my own personal benefit. I’ve got a fairly shocking memory so I was hoping this will be a good way to look back at things when I’m older and remember some good times.

I was always into sport at school, but to be honest never really that talented at anything. I was a bit of a fatty if truth be told. A favourite quote that my mates enjoyed from my dear Mother one Christmas was ‘Joe always really loved sport, but sport never really loved him!’.

However in the last couple of years I’ve really got into my fitness and started entering more events across the UK and Europe. What started as a running hobby has turned into a full blown obsession with triathlon.

The early years of this blog detailed my journey from complete novice to completing a full iron-distance triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland. I had the time of my life both training and then racing this event, and set upon improving and bettering myself each and every time I compete.

I set myself a life goal to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, and after years of hard work and graft, I managed to qualify and compete there in October 2018.  Far from being the end of the journey, I’m still determined to improve and find out just how fast I can go, whilst meeting some incredible people and sharing some amazing experiences along the way.

4 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Good luck with your journey to Ironman – it is one of the greatest journeys you will ever make!! But beware, like it or not you will get hooked. No such thing as once and done!! I have only done one full IM and a bunch of half IMs, but if I can help, just shout.


  2. Joe, CryoLabs are opening a new Cryotherapy facility in Poole in Jan-18 which will be the first of its kind in the UK where general members of the public can access the same professional quality chamber as has been the exclusive domain of certain elite athletes and professional footballers up till now. We would like to invite you to our opening evening and if this would be of interest to you then please reply to ian@cryolabs.co.uk. Train harder recover faster and perform better with CryoLabs. All the best, Ian


  3. Hello Joe

    Ive only gone and got too Kona. Just wanted to know where you stayed and was it any good the accommodation and how long did you stay for after.

    Regards Andy


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