Dorney Lake 10km – 12/12/21

The Spring of 2016. It was announced that there would be a referendum to decide whether the UK would stay in the EU. Tim Peake became the first British astronaut to walk in space. England won their last Grand Slam in the 6 nations. Joe Spraggins ran a personal best at the Kingston 10km, when … Continue reading Dorney Lake 10km – 12/12/21

Wimbledon 10km – 12/05/2019

It's the one they've all been talking about in the papers. In the final week before the race, the media attention was relentless, with a reporter from the Wandsworth Guardian camped outside our house, hoping for a scoop. He managed to get a photo of Katie taking the bins out in her slippers, before she … Continue reading Wimbledon 10km – 12/05/2019

Not always (but usually) the bridesmaid

After a barren spell of blog posts, February is off to a flyer with two within a week. If my Mum is to be believed (and she's the only person that has ever said this to me, with good reason), then a career in sports journalism beckons, so I should probably get into the knack … Continue reading Not always (but usually) the bridesmaid

Bath two tunnels 10k – 26/02/2017

Every year both Katie and I organise a 'mystery' trip which takes in a race, with the other person only knowing the length of the race and the date, but not the location. Back in August I took her out to Norway for the Stavanger half marathon, slightly breaking the rules as we're meant to … Continue reading Bath two tunnels 10k – 26/02/2017

2016 training summary

Quite unbelievably, this blog has now been running for over 3 years, and the little stats page tells me that people are still reading it (well at least opening the page and getting through the first paragraph or so before going back to browsing Facebook). At the end of each year I've done a little … Continue reading 2016 training summary

Olympic park 10k – 13/12/2015

It's been a bit quiet on here in the past month or so. Don't panic though - I've still been doing plenty of running. I decided to take a couple of weeks off structured training immediately after the Thames Meander marathon, as my legs were completely trashed. I was still feeling really motivated so I … Continue reading Olympic park 10k – 13/12/2015