Sudbury Court 10K – 17/05/2015

The last few weeks since London have involved me trying to locate my legs. For the first 10 days I couldn't run a step without my quads seizing up and telling me not to bother. So with the impending half-ironman triathlon looming large on the horizon, I decided I should probably do some swimming. And a … Continue reading Sudbury Court 10K – 17/05/2015

Surely this is a waste of time..

I've never really been a big fan of blogs. Most of the one's that my 'friends' on Facebook post links to are a load of rubbish and just make me constantly cringe. So I feel slightly hypocritical sitting here typing an opening post. However, I'm fairly sure no one is actually going to read most … Continue reading Surely this is a waste of time..