Cape Peninsula Half Marathon – 16/02/20

Good morning/afternoon sports fans. Yet another slightly longer gap between posts. Not me being lazy this time, just no real races of note to report on, and nobody wants to hear 'I ran x miles on Monday followed by swimming x miles on Tuesday etc etc' - people only read to hear about me making … Continue reading Cape Peninsula Half Marathon – 16/02/20

Ucka trail/Frankfurt this weekend..

It's been 2 months since I last posted - an absolute barren spell in the history of this blog. Despite being contacted by both regional and national press, enquiring about my whereabouts and next moves, I've kept myself to myself and tried to sort out some issues closer to home. I've always set myself a … Continue reading Ucka trail/Frankfurt this weekend..

Kona – The aftermath

What do you mean this isn't the race report? Surely you can stop having fun on your holidays and get writing?! I want to make sure I let the dust settle and give a full account of what was a truly unbelievable day, so I'll be writing it over the next few days. I can … Continue reading Kona – The aftermath

Kona day 3 – The real race – Underpants run 2018

T-minus 2 days to go. It seems as if someone is pressing fast forward on a remote control of my life. I’m excited to race, but at the same time, I’m having such a good time, I just want to savour every moment we’ve got here. This morning was the real A-race of the week, … Continue reading Kona day 3 – The real race – Underpants run 2018

Kona day 2 – ‘How are we going to take all these free hats home?’

I was getting too cocky, too soon on yesterday’s blog. No jet lag? Yeah right. I was up at 4, absolutely starving. Thankfully, we’d bought a huge tub of porridge that I can now work my way through - result. After watching the sun slowly rise over the sea from our balcony, I sauntered down … Continue reading Kona day 2 – ‘How are we going to take all these free hats home?’

Kona day 1 – ‘I’m never leaving this place’

I know people are eagerly awaiting the juicy details from Katie's run around the streets of Chicago. You'll just have to be patient for a little while longer; it's coming. The day after the marathon was basically a travel day. We got up early (in Katie's case 2am - I found her sitting in the … Continue reading Kona day 1 – ‘I’m never leaving this place’

Chicago – Part 1

It feels like we’ve been counting down to this day for months, as everyone else has swanned off on summer holidays and we’ve had to make do with picnicking in Richmond Park. To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with Richmond Park - it’s just not quite Hawaii. After getting through the ordeal that was taking … Continue reading Chicago – Part 1

Road to Kona – 2 weeks to go – Chicago race week

I'm trying to find a balance here between annoying my small following with multiple posts and knowing that my Mum is absolutely loving the regular updates. You've got to keep your Mother happy right? Last week was the peak week in the training plan; just looking at the schedule was massively intimidating, so I decided … Continue reading Road to Kona – 2 weeks to go – Chicago race week

Road to Kona – 5 weeks to go

Quite unbelievably, it's been over a month and a half since Ironman UK, where I finally punched my ticket to the Ironman World Championships (most of you may not have heard about this yet?) For the one of the first times in my life, I found myself injured in the immediate aftermath of the race, … Continue reading Road to Kona – 5 weeks to go

Love the Pyrenees – activities galore!

I've been meaning to post about this for a long time, but only just got around to putting a few words together. Over the Easter holidays, Katie and I made a last minute plan to get away for a few days for a holiday. 'Holiday' is a very loose term, with everyone having a very … Continue reading Love the Pyrenees – activities galore!