Outlaw Half Holkham – 04/07/21

Wow - it's been a while. I'm sitting here trying to work out whether or not I've actually done anything in the last 6 months, since my 2020 annual summary. The short answer revolves around that nasty little word beginning with an 'i' - injury. In early January I was out on a fairly standard … Continue reading Outlaw Half Holkham – 04/07/21

Great North Run – 13/09/2015

Last weekend I had the opportunity to run in the biggest half marathon in the world – the Great North Run. The event itself is steeped in history, and this year was the 35th time runners would wind their way from Newcastle city centre down to the coast in South Shields. I’d wanted to tick … Continue reading Great North Run – 13/09/2015

Assembly League – Beckenham 3 miles – 04/09/14

I decided that Thursday night would be the first time I officially represented my running club (Serpentine RC) at a road race. The Assembly League is made up of numerous London running clubs who get together during the summer months over a variety of distances, and tonight we'd be racing over 3 miles. I say 'racing', … Continue reading Assembly League – Beckenham 3 miles – 04/09/14