Thames Turbo Triathlon – 07/05/2018

Triathlon season is underway. At bloody last. Believe it or not, I've actually got quite a bit going on at the moment, so I'm going to keep this one short and sweet (I can see you all rolling your eyes). For the first time in history we had decent weather for a bank holiday weekend. … Continue reading Thames Turbo Triathlon – 07/05/2018

2017 training/racing summary

Here we are again. Another year over, and yet another blog post summarising how many circles I've managed to run/cycle/swim around in this year. Well, swimming is more up and down as opposed to circles; but you still end up in the same place. If you've got an incredible amount of spare time on your … Continue reading 2017 training/racing summary

Chester middle distance triathlon – 04/06/2017

I'm always dead excited for the start of the triathlon season. After a long winter/spring of putting in the hard yards during training, it's a chance to find out if flogging yourself senseless in a tiny room in your flat, pedalling for hours but moving nowhere, has resulted in being able to pedal harder whilst … Continue reading Chester middle distance triathlon – 04/06/2017

Edinburgh half-marathon – 28/05/2017

The year seems to be flying by as we now found ourselves at the end of May, with just 8 weeks to go until my first ironman of the year – the Outlaw triathlon. Just putting that into writing slightly terrifies me, especially with the lack of swimming I’ve been doing but let’s gloss over … Continue reading Edinburgh half-marathon – 28/05/2017

Aberystwyth parkrun 15/04/17 (+ London marathon update)

It's just 6 days until the 2017 London Marathon, and I'm currently sat at home watching the Boston marathon and tracking lots of friends I know who are out there running - it's certainly causing the excitement levels to steadily rise for me, and no doubt for all of those who'll be pounding the capitals … Continue reading Aberystwyth parkrun 15/04/17 (+ London marathon update)

Bath two tunnels 10k – 26/02/2017

Every year both Katie and I organise a 'mystery' trip which takes in a race, with the other person only knowing the length of the race and the date, but not the location. Back in August I took her out to Norway for the Stavanger half marathon, slightly breaking the rules as we're meant to … Continue reading Bath two tunnels 10k – 26/02/2017

Mile End parkrun (10/09/16), a new bike and thoughts on Berlin

I've got a fair bit to cover in this post, so will try not to waffle on too much as always. I'm always amazed when I see my friends and family and they say 'Oh, I read your blog the other day'. My initial reaction is usually, 'I'm so sorry you had to trawl through … Continue reading Mile End parkrun (10/09/16), a new bike and thoughts on Berlin