Ironman UK – preview

**For those that want to track me on Sunday, the 'IRONMAN Tracker' app is the easiest and best way. Just type in my surname 'Spraggins' or race number '193' into the Ironman UK event and I should pop up. Just search for the app in the app store. Failing that, there is live tracking online … Continue reading Ironman UK – preview

Chester middle distance triathlon – 03/06/2018

Things are starting to get serious. I've been working towards Ironman UK for nearly 6 months now, and we've now got less than 6 weeks to go. It's at times like these that I like to don my flat cap, to help ease the pressure and anxiety. But this Sunday's race had no place for … Continue reading Chester middle distance triathlon – 03/06/2018

2017 training/racing summary

Here we are again. Another year over, and yet another blog post summarising how many circles I've managed to run/cycle/swim around in this year. Well, swimming is more up and down as opposed to circles; but you still end up in the same place. If you've got an incredible amount of spare time on your … Continue reading 2017 training/racing summary

Chester middle distance triathlon – 04/06/2017

I'm always dead excited for the start of the triathlon season. After a long winter/spring of putting in the hard yards during training, it's a chance to find out if flogging yourself senseless in a tiny room in your flat, pedalling for hours but moving nowhere, has resulted in being able to pedal harder whilst … Continue reading Chester middle distance triathlon – 04/06/2017