2018 training/racing summary

Right then- another year in the books. I've done one of these 'little' reviews every year, so I can't break the streak now (sounding like the crazy endurance addict that I am). 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 posts can be revisited. They all offer a thrilling read. You'd be a fool to miss out. The … Continue reading 2018 training/racing summary

Valencia marathon – 02/12/18

Valencia - the home of paella and tapas. The Spanish city holds only the fondest memories for me, as last years visit resulted in a shiny new marathon PB (probably never to be repeated). It also offers some much needed December sunshine, which is always a nice accompaniment to a cerveza or seven post-race. However, this … Continue reading Valencia marathon – 02/12/18

Chicago Marathon 2018 (KL takeover)

Mo Farah had a great race. Mine was less great and marginally (65 minutes) slower, but I am here to tell the tale anyway because I have 10 hours on a plane so it's a good way to kill time (especially as my seat is the only one on the whole plane where the entertainment system is … Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2018 (KL takeover)

Kona day 1 – ‘I’m never leaving this place’

I know people are eagerly awaiting the juicy details from Katie's run around the streets of Chicago. You'll just have to be patient for a little while longer; it's coming. The day after the marathon was basically a travel day. We got up early (in Katie's case 2am - I found her sitting in the … Continue reading Kona day 1 – ‘I’m never leaving this place’

International Chicago 5km – 06/10/18

When I found out there was a 5km event as part of the marathon weekend, we decided we might as well give that one a go as well right? It'd be rude not too really. Post up, run 3 miles, back in time for breakfast. Unfortunately I'd forgotten that (relatively) short distance running hurts. A … Continue reading International Chicago 5km – 06/10/18

Chicago – Part 1

It feels like we’ve been counting down to this day for months, as everyone else has swanned off on summer holidays and we’ve had to make do with picnicking in Richmond Park. To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with Richmond Park - it’s just not quite Hawaii. After getting through the ordeal that was taking … Continue reading Chicago – Part 1

Road to Kona – 2 weeks to go – Chicago race week

I'm trying to find a balance here between annoying my small following with multiple posts and knowing that my Mum is absolutely loving the regular updates. You've got to keep your Mother happy right? Last week was the peak week in the training plan; just looking at the schedule was massively intimidating, so I decided … Continue reading Road to Kona – 2 weeks to go – Chicago race week

Road to Kona – 3 weeks to go

3 weeks - are you having a laugh? It seems as if someone has their finger firmly held down on the fast-forward button as I try and scrabble around ensuring that all the logistics are sorted as well as getting the actual training done. Katie's spent the last 5 hours scouring the internet for the … Continue reading Road to Kona – 3 weeks to go