Prudential RideLondon – 02/08/2015

With this event coming so soon after the 50 or so miles of running I’d done during the 24-hour race the weekend before, I knew this might be a struggle for the legs. However, I’d heard such good things about the route and the event in general that I was really looking forward to slogging … Continue reading Prudential RideLondon – 02/08/2015

Ironman Switzerland – 2016

When I started rambling away on this site a few months ago, there was promise of an Ironman. The blog is creatively titled 'Road to Ironman' - I thought of that one myself, although it did take me a couple of months. And now, I can confirm, there is going to be an Ironman. Ironman Switzerland to be precise, held in the … Continue reading Ironman Switzerland – 2016