Diss Duathlon – 08/04/2018

It's the one they've all been talking about lately in the press. I've had a reporter staked outside my flat for the past couple of months, trying to glean an insight into how my training has been going. There's no doubt that the Diss race is the premier event on the Norfolk Duathlon calendar (by … Continue reading Diss Duathlon – 08/04/2018

Norwich Triathlon – 09/07/2017

This post has a distinct feeling of déjà vu around it. There are just two weeks until I'm taking part in an ironman triathlon. It's early July and thousands of spectators are descending upon Wimbledon, emptying the shelves of all my local supermarkets and leaving me to forage for food in the depths of Wandsworth. … Continue reading Norwich Triathlon – 09/07/2017