Outlaw X middle distance triathlon – 27/09/2020

Right then sports fans - we've got an actual race to report on! None of this, 5,000 laps of Eton Dorney where your pedal falls off and there only ends up being 4 finishers in your age category. Instead, an actual big event, stacked field, can't sleep the night before because of nerves kind of … Continue reading Outlaw X middle distance triathlon – 27/09/2020

Ironman Wales 2017

2 minutes and 44 seconds. There's not an awful lot you can achieve in that time. Make a slice of toast. Listen to a short music track. Decide what you're going to buy for lunch at Sainsburys. Unfortunately, this margin was the gap between me and the person that secured the last spot for the Ironman … Continue reading Ironman Wales 2017

Outlaw triathlon – 23/07/2017 – You win some, you lose some.

At times in life you can put in a vast amount of work, only to be dealt a crappy hand or for things to just not go your way. Regular readers of this blog (Hi Mum), will know that I’ve had a decent run of results this season (by my standards anyway), so for something … Continue reading Outlaw triathlon – 23/07/2017 – You win some, you lose some.

Outlaw 2017 – preview

** Tracking information** - For those who want to track me on the day of the race (Sunday 19th July), there will be live tracking available through the following links; https://www.resultsbase.net/ http://www.osbevents.com/ We're into race week, the period in which the training stops and the panicking about every detail no matter how minuscule commences. The … Continue reading Outlaw 2017 – preview

Norwich Triathlon – 09/07/2017

This post has a distinct feeling of déjà vu around it. There are just two weeks until I'm taking part in an ironman triathlon. It's early July and thousands of spectators are descending upon Wimbledon, emptying the shelves of all my local supermarkets and leaving me to forage for food in the depths of Wandsworth. … Continue reading Norwich Triathlon – 09/07/2017

Spragg camp 2017

There's now less than 3 weeks to go until my first Ironman of 2017, where I'll finally get a chance to find out if flogging myself senseless for the past 6 months has actually made me any faster/stronger or if I'd have been better off just staying in bed instead of getting up early every … Continue reading Spragg camp 2017

Edinburgh half-marathon – 28/05/2017

The year seems to be flying by as we now found ourselves at the end of May, with just 8 weeks to go until my first ironman of the year – the Outlaw triathlon. Just putting that into writing slightly terrifies me, especially with the lack of swimming I’ve been doing but let’s gloss over … Continue reading Edinburgh half-marathon – 28/05/2017