Kona – The aftermath

What do you mean this isn't the race report? Surely you can stop having fun on your holidays and get writing?! I want to make sure I let the dust settle and give a full account of what was a truly unbelievable day, so I'll be writing it over the next few days. I can … Continue reading Kona – The aftermath


Chicago Marathon 2018 (KL takeover)

Mo Farah had a great race. Mine was less great and marginally (65 minutes) slower, but I am here to tell the tale anyway because I have 10 hours on a plane so it's a good way to kill time (especially as my seat is the only one on the whole plane where the entertainment system is … Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2018 (KL takeover)

Day 4 – Kona Eve/Tracking info

**Two parts to this post - firstly, some tracking info, and then a summary of the day before the race** I wanted to do a quick post just in case anyone other than my Mum & Dad would like to follow along on Saturday. I also wanted to say how absolutely overwhelmed I've been with … Continue reading Day 4 – Kona Eve/Tracking info

Kona day 3 – The real race – Underpants run 2018

T-minus 2 days to go. It seems as if someone is pressing fast forward on a remote control of my life. I’m excited to race, but at the same time, I’m having such a good time, I just want to savour every moment we’ve got here. This morning was the real A-race of the week, … Continue reading Kona day 3 – The real race – Underpants run 2018

Kona day 2 – ‘How are we going to take all these free hats home?’

I was getting too cocky, too soon on yesterday’s blog. No jet lag? Yeah right. I was up at 4, absolutely starving. Thankfully, we’d bought a huge tub of porridge that I can now work my way through - result. After watching the sun slowly rise over the sea from our balcony, I sauntered down … Continue reading Kona day 2 – ‘How are we going to take all these free hats home?’

Kona day 1 – ‘I’m never leaving this place’

I know people are eagerly awaiting the juicy details from Katie's run around the streets of Chicago. You'll just have to be patient for a little while longer; it's coming. The day after the marathon was basically a travel day. We got up early (in Katie's case 2am - I found her sitting in the … Continue reading Kona day 1 – ‘I’m never leaving this place’

International Chicago 5km – 06/10/18

When I found out there was a 5km event as part of the marathon weekend, we decided we might as well give that one a go as well right? It'd be rude not too really. Post up, run 3 miles, back in time for breakfast. Unfortunately I'd forgotten that (relatively) short distance running hurts. A … Continue reading International Chicago 5km – 06/10/18