My spirit has finally been completely broken

I've included a detailed list of all the tests I've had, symptoms I've got, and potential causes for what's going on at the bottom of this post, for those that are interested/have asked It felt like something really significant changed within me in the last week. Up until this point, I know I've been thoroughly … Continue reading My spirit has finally been completely broken

Fighting a losing battle – chronic fatigue/long COVID?

I'm still hanging in there. I'm finding posting these updates helps me keep attached in some way to my old life, so I'm going to crack on with them. So many people have said to me it's refreshing and reassuring to see and hear the truth - that not everyone is 'living their best life' … Continue reading Fighting a losing battle – chronic fatigue/long COVID?

To hell and back (AKA – what the f*ck has been going on?)

I've been meaning to write something like this for a while, but it's been extremely hard to put my feelings into words. It's only now that (spoiler alert) things are nearly back to normal, that it seems easier to process what has happened in the last few months. Rewind back to December - I felt … Continue reading To hell and back (AKA – what the f*ck has been going on?)

2021 review – racing/training summary

So here we are again, at the end of another year already. This will be the 8th annual summary! We're through an entire Harry Potter series worth now (with a similar number of fans, I can only assume). The epic back catalogue can be found here; 2014201520162017201820192020 2021 started off in a similar fashion to … Continue reading 2021 review – racing/training summary

Gutbuster 10 mile – 28/12/21

Heading back to the Gutbuster was like going to visit a long lost friend you were never really sure if you actually liked, but hadn't seen for absolutely ages. We're talking about back in the days where this blog was still in nappies and the quality of writing was akin to that of a Daily … Continue reading Gutbuster 10 mile – 28/12/21

Dorney Lake 10km – 12/12/21

The Spring of 2016. It was announced that there would be a referendum to decide whether the UK would stay in the EU. Tim Peake became the first British astronaut to walk in space. England won their last Grand Slam in the 6 nations. Joe Spraggins ran a personal best at the Kingston 10km, when … Continue reading Dorney Lake 10km – 12/12/21

London Marathon – 03/10/21

It's been two and a half years since the last London Marathon (no one counts any of that virtual rubbish), and the world has been through an awful lot of pain and misery since then. If there's a event that, without fail, brings happiness and joy to people's lives, it's got to the be the … Continue reading London Marathon – 03/10/21

Ironman Estonia – 07/08/21

Tallinn, Estonia. It's much further north than you think it's going to be. Looking out to sea from the port area, you can't quite see Finland, but it's very close. Once part of the Soviet Union, it's now a thriving independent state. Anyway - that's the serious stuff done with; you only came for the … Continue reading Ironman Estonia – 07/08/21