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Wokingham half marathon – 18/02/2018

It’s been an odd couple of months. With my goal race for 2018 (Ironman UK) still 5 months away, it’s difficult to look that far ahead into the future and get really excited. I’ve done some shorter, low-key running races, but gone into these fatigued and unmotivated, which has led to mediocre (by my standards)… Continue reading Wokingham half marathon – 18/02/2018

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Not always (but usually) the bridesmaid

After a barren spell of blog posts, February is off to a flyer with two within a week. If my Mum is to be believed (and she’s the only person that has ever said this to me, with good reason), then a career in sports journalism beckons, so I should probably get into the knack… Continue reading Not always (but usually) the bridesmaid

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South of England cross country championships – 27/01/2018

It’s nearly been a month since my last post. I suppose January is never really much of a racing month. It’s more of a, grind out the sessions in the dark and cold kinda month. Not glamorous, especially when you’ve lost some fitness over the Christmas period, but it’s always really pleasing when you start… Continue reading South of England cross country championships – 27/01/2018

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New Year’s Day triathlon – 01/01/2018

You know the drill with this one. I open with how all normal people should be out drinking on New Year’s Eve, etc etc etc. We all know by this point I’m anything but normal. So, by now it’ll be no surprise to learn I’d yet again signed up for the New Year’s Day triathlon,… Continue reading New Year’s Day triathlon – 01/01/2018

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2017 training/racing summary

Here we are again. Another year over, and yet another blog post summarising how many circles I’ve managed to run/cycle/swim around in this year. Well, swimming is more up and down as opposed to circles; but you still end up in the same place. If you’ve got an incredible amount of spare time on your… Continue reading 2017 training/racing summary

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Dorset Coastal Trail Series – 02/12/2017

You know your partner knows you better than anyone else when, for your birthday, she signs you up to a 16 mile, 5/5 on the difficultly rating scale, off-road trail race with 3,700ft of climbing. Is there any other way to spend a brisk Saturday morning in December? If there is, I haven’t found it… Continue reading Dorset Coastal Trail Series – 02/12/2017

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Valencia marathon – 19/11/2017

One more race to close out the season. It’s been a long year, starting way back in December where training for the Outlaw & Ironman Wales started in earnest. I haven’t really stopped since then, bouncing from one race to the next. I wouldn’t have it any other way; I absolutely love testing myself and… Continue reading Valencia marathon – 19/11/2017