‘Brief’ update – new 5km PB

Regular readers to the blog will know there’s no such thing as brief when it comes to these pages. But I promise to keep this one as short as possible.

The legs felt pretty decent in the days after the marathon and I was running again pretty much straight away – albeit easy stuff. 6 days later Katie and I decided to amble down to parkrun (as we do every Saturday morning). The plan was just to have a fun run, and give the legs a bit of a spin. Yeah, right.

After hitting the halfway point at a speed which if maintained would lead to a new personal best, I decided I might as well go for it from here (until that point, I’d just been running a steady effort). The result was 17.27 and a 4 second PB. Nice.

I was shocked at how easy the first half felt, so I resigned to come back the following week and hopefully shave off a few more seconds. Fast forward 7 days and I was back on the Fulham parkrun start line, hoping to lay down another quick time.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t my day. Things started off well enough, but as soon as we hit the long back straight, we were straight into a strong headwind. I was running as hard as possible, but the wind was just pushing me backwards.

To add to the list of excuses, my shoelace came undone after about 2 kilometres. I quickly made the decision in my head to carry on and leave it flapping around dangerously, hoping that if I fell, it would at least be a spectacular tumble. Fortunately I didn’t fall, but at the same time, missed my personal best by one second, coming home in 17.28.

In the last two weeks I’ve also had the realisation that I’m doing an ironman triathlon in 16 weeks time. So I’ve thrashed around a fair bit in the pool. I may be the worlds worst swimmer (I’m pretty sure I was overtaken by a concrete block the other day), so plenty of work to do there.

I’ve also found out that being run fit does not mean in any way you are bike fit. I may be carrying fewer pounds up the hills but I just don’t have the leg strength at the moment. Norah and I (the name I gave my road bike) are going to become good friends over the coming months.

My immediate attention shifts to the Reading half marathon next Sunday. This was one of the first races I ever did 2 years ago, coming home in 1 hour and 33 minutes. Anything under 80 minutes will do just fine.


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